The leafy green and the red stains

Apparently, Victoria has a thing for leafy greens. I don’t.

I have a really hard time eating vegetables and can’t seem to bring myself to like them. It is especially hard to eat them when someone always tries to shove unhealthy foods down your throat, as it happens here, given that my mother-in-law lives next to my house and that her definition of eating healthy is eating pasta, rice, bread (lots of it), and an insane amount of processed foods. I guess the hardest part of changing your diet, whatever your motive may be, is to deal with unsupportive relatives. There’s nothing wrong with eating whatever you want but there’s certainly something wrong with making things harder for someone who, like myself, is trying to take care of her health.

This digression brings me to: The Story of the Lettuce.

Once upon a time there was a lettuce waiting to be bought by me. It was fresh and as green as a soccer field. It was really inexpensive, which makes it one of my favourite foods. Can’t argue with healthy inexpensive food, right?

Little green lettuce was finally bought and brought home. It was thoroughly washed and shredded and put in a small porcelain bowl. It rested gently there while waiting for the rest of the meal to be ready when, all of a sudden, Victoria jumped onto the table. I didn’t think the cat would make much of it, I thought that she would probably just sniff it and leave it to rest.

Boy, was I wrong.

Victoria attacked my salad and I, forgetting that my cat is always five steps ahead of me, tried to stop her. I was slicing a sweet potato and ended up also slicing my finger.
Let me tell you: trying to keep your cat from eating your salad, while stopping a massive bleeding is not an easy task.

So, in the end, I was left with no salad and a bleeding pulsating finger. I also let the rest of the meal burn.
The moral of this story is: buy as many vegetables as you can, just don’t let your cat get to them.


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