The heart in the nuts

As I was preparing my soup for today’s dinner (which, for the record, is the only Paleo/Primal friendly food I ate before I decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle), Victoria sat on the kitchen counter, looking at my sloppy way of chopping vegetables. I am no Jamie Oliver, no Gordon Ramsay, no Martha Stewart, still, my beloved cat looks at me like I am some kind of kitchen goddess. Well, I am, whenever I grab her food and she hears the sound of plastic echoing through the room. Yes, I have a huge living room and not a lot of furniture, that’s why there’s echo. And yes, Victoria eats there.

So, there I was, in the kitchen. I opened the fridge and got the vegetables out: zucchini, turnips, carrots, green beans (grey area, I know) and…leeks. Now, let me ask you something: what do cats eat?  Cats are carnivorous mammals, right? Right? Apparently not.

Before I started eating Primal, I would usually have half a loaf of bread for breakfast, every morning. Victoria would eat the other half. Actually, she would steal it. There was this one time, months ago, when my dad and I bought some bread for lunch, put the bag on the kitchen table and accidentally left Victoria in the kitchen. Well, when we realized that she had been left in the kitchen and we opened the door, the bag was still there. Just the bag.

I already knew Victoria was not a normal cat. So, when I was about to chop the leeks for my soup, my phone rang and I went to pick it up. I was on the phone for two minutes and in two minutes the damned cat managed to shred one of the leeks. She was all happy, on the counter, looking at me while nibbling on her newly found indulgence.

As I saw that scenario right before my eyes, and since nothing that my cat does surprises me, I looked back at her and thought: “If my cat, carnivorous by nature, can change her diet and eat things that never crossed her mind, I can too. Except for all the flies she eats, that’s just disgusting”.

So there I was, in the kitchen, looking at a shredded leek and reflecting on the purpose of making wise choices when it comes to eating. I was certain, however, that if Victoria had eaten all my vegetables, I would still have a bagful of walnuts to eat, in my pantry.

And yes, biology has it that cats are carnivorous animals. Mine, however, is just a little nuts.



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